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Payment method

The guide is paid online at by credit card. All prices displayed on the website, include VAT at the legal rate in effect.


Once purchased, Oh My Guide will not be refunded. It has a 60-day use validity.


Complaints book available.

Relevant parties

Editor: Here & Dare Unip Lda | Tax Identification number: PT509036074;

User: website visitor;

Host: PTisp - Internet Services | Estrada Nacional Nº3 | 2250-028 Constância;

I.T provider: FluskoStudios | From: Ricardo Abel Ferraz Antunes Silva | Viana do Castelo;


Website access and responsibility

The website is accessible by the following URL, which provides useful information on the editor’s services.

The editor and I.T provider establish technical solutions that allow access to the website in a continuous way and at the best conditions possible. However, and at any moment, the website or specific webpages’ access can be interrupted or limited for maintenance interventions.

Users agree to not interfering or disrupting the website running.

The editor has the right to limit or remove user’s website access, in case of non-compliance with Terms or content removal or alteration.

The I.T provider strives to guarantee availability, security and quality of the website for the editor and its users to endure the best access conditions possible.

Intellectual property

Website content is the exclusive property of the editor and is protected as such in accordance with the current legislation.

General conditions update

The editor holds the right to modify or update the terms of use at all times.


For further clarifications, user can contact the editor by following:


Mailing address: Here & Dare Unip Lda | R. Dr. Antonio M Costa Maia, 124 loja 8 | 4470-568 Maia Portugal

Privacy Policy

User personal data

The editor commits to data processing and collection accordingly to RGPD. The user has the right to access, modify and delete any personal data provided when using the website. The user can request data exclusion by emailing the contact provided in Contacts chapter.

The information provided by the user serves the following purposes:

– Personal data, such as name, address, phone and email: exclusive editor use for booking management, advertising campaign and review request. Personal data is not provided to third parties and is used only until the day after the requested service, after this day user shall not receive further notifications. When accepting terms and conditions at the booking moment, user consents data being stored in editor’s database;

– Contact request: without stored data, see Forms section;

– User analysis, anonymous data collection, see Third Parties section.

Access to personal data security

Website is configured by secure connection via certificate (HTTPS) and is constantly updated by the I.T service provider.

Nevertheless, no internet service can offer its users absolute guarantees in this matter. Editor and I.T service provider shall not be held responsible for the protection of data derived from users' computers.

Editor and I.T service provider use safe passwords for access to sensitive information.

Terms of personal data collection

The collection of personal data is carried out through forms or third party service cookies.

Third Parties

For better website navigation I.T service provider set up third-party tools that use cookies. Anonymous data collection by third parties:

– IP address

– Browser type

– Access hours

– operating system

Third parties set up on website:

– Google Analytics: quantifies and qualifies users of the website.

What is a cookie browser:

How to clean your cookie browser:


Website forms allow users to send information from the filled fields to the editor. Ths information is not stored on the website or database and is only available to the editor and I.T service provider.

Personal data exclusion

To exclude the collected data, user must contact the editor through the means provided in Contacts chapter.


Website navigation depends on Terms & Conditions acceptance.


The editor shall not be held responsible for the terms & conditions of other websites that contain hyperlinks to

Governing law

These general conditions are governed by Portuguese and European current legislation.